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fake iphone 4s front 300x188 iPhone 4s with Android OS Bought in China?Some manufacturers in China has decided to create a perfect copy of the Apple smartphone, but with the Android OS. From the Micdgi blog tell that the device weighs 114g, slightly more than the original, has the same resolution (960 × 640), but is built with the HTC Touch T-7227 chip and of course installed the Android operating system. Other features include a front camera, a rear support for 3G WCDMA and 512M memory.

Looking at the various images presented can be seen as actually is the same in all respects to the original, even the box and internal components are exactly the same, you can also find inside the paper clip to open the small compartment in which to insert the sim card. Obsessive attention to detail, but why create something similar?

fake iphone 4s back 300x189 iPhone 4s with Android OS Bought in China?even its have apple brand within the again.

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